About Us – Our Mission

Our Mission

Breaking the Cycle is a group of dedicated and passionate people bound together by a common conviction to fight against the trafficking of children in the United States.  We ride our bikes for these abused and frightened children in order to raise awareness and funding for the freedom and restoration of their lives.  We are united in the belief that our Lord and Savior called us to stand for the powerless, and we seek to shatter the chains that have rendered these children victims for far too long.

What We Do and Why:

The issue of human trafficking is a cataclysmic problem in our world. Within this atrocious field of crime, there are various types of slavery and exploitation, including everything from forced labor to sex trafficking. Individuals of all ages and genders are often deceived and kept against their will, and are then forced to perform services for the benefit of the perverse masterminds that control them. Our team is looking to raise awareness for these barbaric crimes, especially those against the children of the United States.  This is a problem that oftentimes goes unseen, which is why we want to draw as much attention to it as possible.  It is a grievous injustice what is being done to the innocent children of our country, and we refuse to stand idly by as it continues to grow.

Though it is a difficult issue to approach, a group of concerned students at Regent University became a team, and we have decided to take on the challenge.  We want to achieve our goal of raising awareness about and funding for this issue through riding our bikes and using the publicity to tell people about this injustice.  Our first ride will take place from March 7th-10th in 2016.  We will be cycling from Tampa, FL to the state capitol, Tallahassee, FL. Following this in the summer of 2017, we then plan to complete a cross country ride from California to Virginia.

In doing this we hope to help give a voice to the voiceless and aid in breaking the cycle of human trafficking.


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